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Smelly Feet

Do you have smelly feet? Does a strange, unpleasant odor find its way to your nostrils seconds after your shoes come off? Do you notice others wrinkling their noses in disgust when confronted with your bare or shoeless feet? If taking off your shoes clears a room, you may have smelly feet, a condition doctors refer to as bromhidrosis.

Symptoms: Do You Have Smelly Feet?

Smelly feet? Perspiration is normal and healthy, but when it becomes excessive, it can leave a foul foot odor lingering on feet and in your shoes that’s especially noticeable when you take them off. While most people’s feet likely perspire during exercise or in warm weather, those suffering from bromhidrosis will notice excessive sweating and smelly feet year round, even when not engaged in strenuous activity.

The good news is that having smelly feet is not dangerous to your health, though it does create an environment for the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. Infections such as athlete’s foot or toenail fungus may soon follow, so take steps to keep smelly feet at bay.

What Causes Smelly Feet?

One of the top causes of smelly feet is excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) and moisture, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. When sweat and cellular debris from the bacteria and yeast begin to break down, they produce a fetid foot odor that results in your smelly feet.

Additional common causes of smelly feet include:
Excessive anxiety
Various skin conditions

If a particular health condition is causing your smelly feet, you may also notice that you have sweaty palms and excessive perspiration under your arms and in your groin area.

In turn, excessive sweating can indicate the presence of other health conditions more serious than smelly feet, so it is always good to discuss the problem with your physician.

Relieve and Prevent Smelly Feet

The most important way to relieve smelly feet is to keep your feet clean and dry.
Shower regularly with anti-bacterial soap.
Use foot powders and sprays specifically designed to keep feet dry.
Change your shoes and socks often.
Rotate your shoes (especially athletic shoes).
Use insoles that can be changed frequently to prevent the odor from staying in your shoe.
Wear sandals during warm weather.
Launder, disinfect or discard foul smelling shoes.

If you continue to suffer from smelly feet, and excessive sweating also becomes a problem in other areas of your body, please consult a physician.

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Treatment Options for Smelly Feet

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