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A corn is a localized thickening of the skin due to pressure. Corns often occur on the top of the toes where there is pressure from the shoes. However, they also occur at the sole of the foot and in between toes. Certain corns may become entwined with the nerves of the skin, these corns are particularly painful. Often corns develop a core which is often referred to as the "root" by patients. Corns can be very painful, especially if there is inflammation and swelling around the corn.

This condition is more prevalent in females as a result of wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes. Corns appear as white/ grey or yellow/ brown in colour depending on your skin type. Symptoms include pain and swelling around the corn and discomfort with direct pressure.


Above is a photograph of a corn on top of the 2nd toe.


  • Tight shoes
  • Deformed toes (Hammer toes)
  • Seam or stitch inside the shoe which rubs against the toe
  • Abnormality of gait (walking)
  • Surgery to the lower extremities
  • Bunions


  • Avoid tight shoes and hosiery
  • Use a pumice stone to reduce the thickness of the corn
  • Use silicone pads to alleviate pain and occurrence of a corn
  • Use a foot cream, such as flexitol heel balm twice daily. Flexitol heel balm is primarily used for cracked skin on the heels, however patients have reported a 90% improvement to thier corns with this cream
  • Do not use corn plasters as they can lead to destruction of healthy skin. Corn plasters should never be used by diabetics or by patients suffering from poor circulation as it may lead to ulcers

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Treatment Options for Corns

10 Minute Callus Removal Kit
For dry, hard, callused skin

Imperial Corns and Callus Solution 75ml
Solution for the removal of corns

Flexitol Heel Balm 56g
Contains urea to soften corns

Gehwol Herbal Bath
Soothes dry and chapped skin

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